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Source: MeSH 2021 deskriptory
Main Heading
reklama veřejných služeb
English Heading
Public Service Announcement
oznámení o službách ve veřejném zájmu
oznámení ve veřejném zájmu
reklama veřejné služby
sociální reklama
zprávy o veřejných službách
Public Service Announcements [T859044]
Public Service Advertising [T859045]
Public Service Ads [T859046]
Preferred Concept
Scope Note
Work consisting of announcements which promote programs, activities, or services of federal, state, or local governments or those of non-profit organizations and other announcements regarded as serving community interests.
This heading is used as a Publication Type. Public Service Announcements as a subject are indexed under the main heading PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS AS TOPIC; INDEXER: Do not use
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