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MeSH Genre Descriptor
Source: MeSH 2021 deskriptory
Main Heading
aforismy a přísloví
English Heading
Aphorisms and Proverbs
aforismy a přísloví (publikační typ)
stručná vtipná úvaha
životní pravidla
Proverb [T000999074]
Aphorism [T000999075]
Maxim [T000999076]
Aphorisms [T689886]
Proverbs [T689889]
Maxims [T689904]
Preferred Concept
Scope Note
Short memorable sayings in common use. They express in simple language an obvious truth, familiar experience, or advice.
Other Concepts
This heading is used as a Publication Type. Aphorisms & proverbs as a subject are indexed under the main heading APHORISMS AND PROVERBS AS TOPIC. INDEXER: Do not use
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