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mezinárodní klasifikace nemocí
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International Classification of Diseases
ICD-11 [T000931234]
ICD-10 Procedure Coding System [T000932902]
ICD-10-PCS [T000932903]
International Classification of Disease Codes [T485327]
ICD Codes [T485328]
International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems [T485329]
ICD-10 [T501582]
ICD-9 [T501583]
ICD-9-CM [T501584]
ICD-10-CM [T501585]
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A system of categories to which morbid entries are assigned according to established criteria. Included is the entire range of conditions in a manageable number of categories, grouped to facilitate mortality reporting. It is produced by the World Health Organization (From ICD-10, p1). The Clinical Modifications, produced by the UNITED STATES DEPT. OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, are larger extensions used for morbidity and general epidemiological purposes, primarily in the U.S.
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CATALOGER: Coordinate with specific NAF entry if applicable
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[EC] ekonomika
[HI] dějiny
[ST] normy
[TD] trendy
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