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vše 44
imunologie 12
účinky léků 6
fyziologie 5
genetika 1
MeSH Descriptor
Source: MeSH 2021 deskriptory
Main Heading
transplantační tolerance
English Heading
Transplantation Tolerance
Allograft Tolerance [T411318]
Graft Tolerance [T416581]
Related Descriptors
Preferred Concept
Scope Note
An induced state of non-reactivity to grafted tissue from a donor organism that would ordinarily trigger a cell-mediated or humoral immune response.
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Allowable qualifiers (subheadings)
[DE] účinky léků
[GE] genetika
[IM] imunologie
[PH] fyziologie
[RE] účinky záření
[ES] etika
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