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biologické markery
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markery klinické
náhradní cílové parametry
markery imunologické
markery laboratorní
Biomarker [T000995957]
Marker, Biological [T045477]
Markers, Biological [T045478]
Biological Markers [T045479]
Biologic Markers [T045480]
Biologic Marker [T045481]
Clinical Marker [T045482]
Marker, Clinical [T045483]
Clinical Markers [T045484]
Markers, Clinical [T045485]
Marker, Surrogate [T045486]
Surrogate Marker [T045487]
Markers, Surrogate [T045488]
Surrogate Markers [T045489]
Surrogate Endpoint [T045490]
Surrogate Endpoints [T045491]
Surrogate End Point [T045492]
Surrogate End Points [T045493]
Immune Marker [T045494]
Immune Markers [T045495]
Immunologic Marker [T045496]
Marker, Immunologic [T045497]
Immunologic Markers [T045498]
Markers, Immunologic [T045499]
Laboratory Marker [T045500]
Marker, Laboratory [T045501]
Laboratory Markers [T045502]
Markers, Laboratory [T045503]
Marker, Serum [T045504]
Serum Marker [T045505]
Markers, Serum [T045506]
Serum Markers [T045507]
Viral Marker [T045508]
Viral Markers [T045509]
Markers, Viral [T045510]
Biochemical Marker [T045511]
Marker, Biochemical [T045512]
Biochemical Markers [T045513]
Markers, Biochemical [T045514]
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Preferred Concept
Scope Note
Measurable and quantifiable biological parameters (e.g., specific enzyme concentration, specific hormone concentration, specific gene phenotype distribution in a population, presence of biological substances) which serve as indices for health- and physiology-related assessments, such as disease risk, psychiatric disorders, ENVIRONMENTAL EXPOSURE and its effects, disease diagnosis; METABOLIC PROCESSES; SUBSTANCE ABUSE; PREGNANCY; cell line development; EPIDEMIOLOGIC STUDIES; etc.
Other Concepts
IM general only; coordinate with specific substance; note that many specific markers are available
History note
Public Note
2016; See BIOLOGICAL MARKERS 1989-2015
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[AN] analýza
[BL] krev
[CF] mozkomíšní mok
[ME] metabolismus
[UR] moč
[CH] chemie
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