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gynekologické chirurgické výkony
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Gynecologic Surgical Procedures
gynekologická chirurgie
Gynecologic Surgery [T039662]
Gynecologic Surgical Procedure [T039663]
Procedure, Gynecologic Surgical [T039664]
Procedures, Gynecologic Surgical [T039665]
Surgical Procedure, Gynecologic [T039666]
Surgical Procedures, Gynecologic [T039667]
Gynecological Surgical Procedure [T039669]
Surgery, Gynecological [T039670]
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Chirurgie prováděná na ženských genitáliích.
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Surgery performed on the female genitalia.
general or unspecified; prefer specifics; consider also GENITALIA, FEMALE /surg or /surg with specific genital terms; also GENITAL DISEASES, FEMALE /surg or /surg with specific gynecologic disease; check the tag FEMALE
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98; use explode 1970-97
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