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Smoking Behaviors [T000914271]
Smoking Habit [T000916602]
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Vdechování a vydechování tabákového kouře.
Scope Note
Willful or deliberate act of inhaling and exhaling SMOKE from burning substances or agents held by hand.
Other Concepts
note specific types of smoking are available; smokers' patches, smokers' tongue = LEUKOPLAKIA, ORAL; cancer caused by smoking = neoplasm term with /etiol (not ‌/‌chem‌ ind) + SMOKING ‌/‌adv ‌eff (not TOBACCO USE DISORDER); behavioral and psychological aspects of smoking = SMOKING /psychol
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Allowable qualifiers (subheadings)
[AE] škodlivé účinky
[BL] krev
[CF] mozkomíšní mok
[DT] farmakoterapie
[EC] ekonomika
[EH] etnologie
[GE] genetika
[HI] dějiny
[IM] imunologie
[LJ] zákonodárství a právo
[ME] metabolismus
[MO] mortalita
[EP] epidemiologie
[PA] patologie
[PP] patofyziologie
[PX] psychologie
[TH] terapie
[TD] trendy
[UR] moč
Entry combinations
kouření [PC] prevence a kontrola >>> prevence kouření
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