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metastázy nádorů
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Neoplasm Metastasis
metastatické nádory
nádory - metastázy
Metastase [T000996714]
Metastasis [T027899]
Metastases, Neoplasm [T027900]
Metastasis, Neoplasm [T027901]
Neoplasm Metastases [T027902]
Preferred Concept
Mesh Scope Translators Note
Přesun nádoru z jednoho orgánu nebo části těla do jiné oblasti vzdálené od primárního místa.
Scope Note
The transfer of a neoplasm from one organ or part of the body to another remote from the primary site.
use only for metastatic process or neoplasm metastasis in general; unlikely as NIM coordinate: prefer /second with organ/neoplasm and histological type for metastatic neoplasms; do not confuse with NEOPLASM INVASIVENESS; LEUKEMIC INFILTRATION; NEOPLASMS, SECOND PRIMARY or NEOPLASM, RESIDUAL
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Allowable qualifiers (subheadings)
[DG] diagnostické zobrazování
[DI] diagnóza
[DT] farmakoterapie
[GE] genetika
[IM] imunologie
[PA] patologie
[PP] patofyziologie
[PC] prevence a kontrola
[RT] radioterapie
[TH] terapie
[UL] ultrastruktura
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