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vysoké stáří
Aging, Biological [T001181]
Biological Aging [T001182]
Senescence [T001183]
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Postupné nevratné změny struktury a funkce organismu, ke kterým dochází v důsledku plynutí času.
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The gradual irreversible changes in structure and function of an organism that occur as a result of the passage of time.
Other Concepts
human & animal; IM; aging process anywhere between birth & old age; differentiation from other age-related terms: Manual 28.16, 34.10; "aging" of lower organisms, cultures, drugs, etc. is probably TIME FACTORS; AGING, PREMATURE is also available
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[BL] krev
[CF] mozkomíšní mok
[DE] účinky léků
[EH] etnologie
[GE] genetika
[IM] imunologie
[ME] metabolismus
[PA] patologie
[PH] fyziologie
[PX] psychologie
[RE] účinky záření
[UR] moč
[ES] etika
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