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Main Heading
zásobování a distribuce
English Heading
supply & distribution
supply and distribution [T000912277]
supply [T061232]
distribution [T061233]
Preferred Concept
Mesh Scope Translators Note
Užij pro kvantitu a distribuci materiálu, vybavení, zdravotnických služeb a zařízení. Nepatří sem zásobování potravinami a vodou v průmyslu a povoláních.
Scope Note
Used for the quantitative availability and distribution of material, equipment, health services, personnel, and facilities. It excludes food supply and water supply in industries and occupations.
Other Concepts
subheading only; includes "availability"; for personnel, services & facilities; for drugs; not for food ( = FOOD SUPPLY) nor for water ( = WATER SUPPLY); CATALOGER: may be subdivided geographically
History note
68; used with Category D, E, L & N 1968-74; D, E, F4, H-J, L & N2-4 1975-87; D, E, F4, H-J, L & N 1988; D, E, F4, G1-3 & H-J 1989; D, E7, J & N2 1990 forward; M 1994
Online Note
search policy: Online Manual; use: main heading/SD or SD (SH) or SUBS APPLY SD
Public Note
D1-23,25-27; E7; J2
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