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Main Heading
organizace a řízení
English Heading
organization & administration
organization and administration [T000912275]
organization [T061079]
administrative management [T061080]
administrative structure [T061081]
organizational management [T061082]
organizational structure [T061083]
Preferred Concept
Mesh Scope Translators Note
Užij pro strukturu administrativy a řízení.
Scope Note
Used for administrative structure and management.
Other Concepts
subheading only
History note
78; used with Category N2-4 1978-79; I2, L & N2-4 1980-88; G2, I2, L & N2-4 1989; G1-2, I2, N2-4 1990 forward
Online Note
search policy: Online Manual; use: main heading/OG or OG (SH) or SUBS APPLY OG
Public Note
G1,2; I2; N2,4
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