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anatomie a histologie
English Heading
anatomy & histology
anatomy and histology [T000912273]
histology [T060590]
anatomy [T060591]
morphology [T060592]
Preferred Concept
Mesh Scope Translators Note
Užij u orgánů, částí těla a tkání pro normální popisnou anatomii a histologii; užij pro normální anatomii a histologii zvířat a rostlin.
Scope Note
Used with organs, regions, and tissues for normal descriptive anatomy and histology, and for the normal anatomy and structure of animals and plants.
Other Concepts
subheading only; normal structure only; for disordered structural change use /pathology; see also /cytology & /ultrastructure; see also ‌/‌blood ‌supply & /innervation; see also /abnormalities
History note
66; used with Category A & B 1966-74; A, B1-2 & B5-6 1975-89; A1-10, A13-14, A16, B1-2 & B6 1990 forward
Online Note
search policy: Online Manual; use: main heading/AH or AH (SH) or SUBS APPLY AH
Public Note
A1-5,7-10,13-14,17; B2,6
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