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assay [T060586]
chemical analysis [T060587]
determination [T060588]
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Užij pro kvalitativní a kvantitativní stanovení substancí nebo jejich komponentů a metabolitů. Užij jak pro metodologii, tak pro výsledky. Pro chemickou analýzu tkání, nádorů, tělesných tekutin, organismů, a rostlin užij podheslo \chemie\". Pro analýzu látek v krvi, mozkomíšním moku a moči užij podhesla \"krev\", \"mok mozkomíšní\", \"moč\"."
Scope Note
Used for the identification or quantitative determination of a substance or its constituents and metabolites; includes the analysis of air, water, or other environmental carrier. It excludes the chemical analysis of tissues, tumors, body fluids, organisms, and plants for which "chemistry" is used. The concept applies to both methodology and results. For analysis of substances in blood, cerebrospinal fluid, and urine the specific subheading designating the fluid is used.
Other Concepts
subhead only; includes "assay", "determination", "chemical analysis"; for qualitative or quantitative analysis of substances; chemical composition of organs, organisms & plants, as "chemical composition of the liver" = LIVER /chemistry; for analysis of chemical substances in the blood use /blood; in the cerebrospinal fluid, use /cerebrospinal fluid; in the urine, use /urine; see MeSH scope note in Introduction; indexing policy: Manual 19.8.6; DF: /anal or /AN
History note
67; used with Category A, B & D 1967; A, B, D, G & J 1968-74; A, B1, B3-6, C4, D, G3 & J 1975-86; A, B1, B3-6, C4, D, G3, J, ASCITIC FLUID & CALCULI+ 1987; A, B1, B3-6, C4, D, G3, J, ASCITIC FLUID, BRONCHOALVEOLAR LAVAGE FLUID & CALCULI+ 1988-89; A2-16; B1, B3-6, C4, D & J 1990-91; D 1992 forward
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search policy: Online Manual; use: main heading/AN or AN (SH) or SUBS APPLY AN
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