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kongenitální vady
vrozené defekty
anomalies [T060544]
agenesis [T060546]
birth defects [T060547]
congenital defects [T060548]
deformities [T060549]
defects [T060550]
malformations [T060551]
aplasia [T060552]
atresia [T060553]
hypoplasia [T060554]
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Užij u orgánů pro vrozené defekty způsobující změny v morfologii orgánu; užij také pro abnormality u zvířat.
Scope Note
Used with organs for congenital defects producing changes in the morphology of the organ. It is used also for abnormalities in animals.
Other Concepts
subhead only; congenital & structural only: does not include abnormal function ( = /physiopathology or disease heading); includes "deformity", "malformation", "anomalous", includes agenesis, aplasia, atresia, ectopy, hypoplasia, etc.; includes more or less than the normal number of organs (as one ureter, six fingers); see MeSH scope note in Introduction; indexing policy: Manual 19.8.1; DF: /abnorm or /AB
History note
66; used with Category A 1966-74; A1-9 & A13-15 1975-88; A1-9, A13-15 & B2 1989; A1-10, A13-14, A16 & B2 1990 forward
Online Note
search policy: Online Manual; use: main heading/AB or AB (SH) or SUBS APPLY AB
Public Note
A1-5,7-10,13,14,17; B2
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